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Can eating your spoon help save the planet?


These days, more and more people are taking the plastic-free route. Because of this, alternatives to single-use plastic products are cropping up, such as bamboo straws, canvas bags for groceries, and even package-free shampoo bars.


But have you ever thought about the possibility of eating—instead of reusing—your cutlery to save the environment? It looks like the creators of Bakeys have—and what they came up with would definitely get our nature-loving Lolo Kiko’s thumbs up!


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Edible but durable! Bakey’s edible spoons do not dissolve when dipped in hot or cold liquid


Bakeys, an Indian company, has created a type of spoon that you can eat. And no, it doesn’t get soggy midway into your soup! The spoon is edible but durable, which means it doesn’t dissolve in hot or cold water. The founder of Bakeys, Narayana Peesapaty and wife Pradnya Keskar so deeply believe in the potential of edible cutlery to save the environment that they sold their only asset, their home, to pursue the venture.


Unlike its plastic counterparts, edible spoons are safe for the environment as they do not contain any chemicals or toxins. They are made of 100% natural and baked products and has nutritive contents in them. Oh, and get this, the edible spoons come in three different flavors: plain, sweet, and savoury!



Currently, Bakeys is selling their edible spoons on their website. They plan to add forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, yogurt spoons, and crockeries (small bowls, cups, plates, and salad bowls) to their list of products in the future.



Text by Aizel Dolom.
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