10 Year-old Artist with Muscular Dystrophy Creates Amazing Pieces

10 Year-old Artist with Muscular Dystrophy Creates Amazing Pieces

Ekaterina “Kate” Borodulkina began drawing at the age of two, using only pencils while sitting in her high chair. At such a young age, Kate showed so much promise in her art that her parents decided to enroll her in an art school a year after.


Even before this, however, Kate had already begun showing symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy — a disease which causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle. She started showing signs of the disease when she was three months old, but didn’t get an official diagnosis until she was four. By that time, she could no longer walk, lift her arms, or even hold up her head.


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Now aged 10 years old, Kate relies on a ventilator to breathe. She still, however, continues to paint. Her favorite subjects are landscapes and animals. She even got to participate in numerous art exhibitions!


Check out video below to get a peek at how Kate brings life into plain sheets of paper with just her brush and colorful paint!


Text by Aizel Dolom.
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